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Grow your Bible-teaching skills to lead others

Hi, I'm Melanie Newton. My mission is to help women learn how to study the Bible for themselves and grow their Bible-teaching skills to lead a Bible Study for others.

Find on this page lots of resources especially for women that can be downloaded and printed.

  • Start a Bible Study group.
  • Choose a Bible Study for your group.
  • Lead a Bible Study lesson.
  • Nurture those who are new to the Bible.
  • Train your small group leaders.
  • Encourage disciple-making in your Bible Study group.

Follow this link to enroll in the online video course or buy the low-cost workbooks from Amazon for about the same cost of printing them yourself.

New to the Bible? Look for the "Short and Easy for Beginners" options on the free bible studies page.

Grab your Bible and some friends to explore God’s Word together. Happy studying and leading!

Lead a Bible Study resources. LeadABibleStudy.com

"Thank you. This is an answer to prayer. God is Good!" — Antoinette

lead a Bible Study checklist from melanienewton.com

Are you ready to get started on a Bible Study for yourself or lead one for a group?

Sign up to receive easy access to my free library of Bible Studies and ministry resources. And, get the free "Lead a Bible Study" checklist as well.

Lead a Bible Study Resources

Melanie Newton

If you’ve just started working through or leading one of my studies, hooray! I hope you enjoy it and fall fresh in love with Jesus. Life cannot be any better than knowing Him!

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2 Comments on “Lead a Bible Study

  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful Bible studies. I am in ministry to my local jail and a rehab. facility. A majority of the women I see were raised in the church but never had a relationship with Jesus. For them it was all about religion instead of relationship. I have an allotted time of 25-30 minutes with the women and your studies are excellent for leading them to a greater understanding of a relationship with God. God bless you and your beautiful ministry. In Christ, Lori

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