Genesis to Revelation Bible Study

Connecting Faith to Life on Planet Earth: See God's work of restoration all the way to Revelation.

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Are you bothered by the conflicting messages you get from what the Bible teaches about God's creation of everything and what the world says happened?

When you look around and see so much evil, conflict, and trouble in the world, do you wonder how this place we call home got so bad?

Do you long to know what God’s original creation might have been like? Are you hopeful that there is something better in the future?

To get answers to those questions, you must start in Genesis, the first book in the Bible. That means we must first give the biblical text a chance to give answers to our questions about origins. Then, recognize quality scientific and historical information that supports the biblical text. Interested?

Connecting Faith to Life on Planet Earth Bible Study

Genesis 1-11 in detail then God's work of restoration in the rest of the Bible • 11 Lessons

Focus: Begin with the story of God’s perfect creation followed by its corruption through evil. From there, you will see how the rest of the Bible carries out the theme of God’s work of restoring His creation back to perfection. It is essentially a study of Genesis through Revelation. Learn how to distinguish biblical truth from the false assumptions you hear and read in our culture. Discover the scientific and historical facts that clearly support what the Bible says about Creation, the Fall, the Flood, and human history. Knowing how the Bible ties everything together will help you connect your faith to life as you see it around you. And, God’s promise of restoration will give you hope for today and for the future.

Podcasts: Several are available on the podcasts page.

Happy studying!

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5 Comments on “Genesis to Revelation

  1. I doenloaded your study on Mark and some friends and I from church loved it. When I saw this, I knew immediately what our study will be. Ordered the book this time and cant wait for it to arrive today!

  2. Thank you so much for your free study. Just found it today. Every other study that I’ve looked at claims to be free bot then when you start it, it says everything is free but you must purchase the book. That really saddens me me because it is very misleading. I am so looking forward to the study Connecting Faith to life on Planet Earth. Thank you so much!

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