Gospel of John Bible Study

Painting the Portrait of Jesus: The "I Am" Word Pictures Revealing the Jesus We Follow

(Short and easy for anyone new to the Bible)

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One of the most asked questions of all time is this, "What did Jesus look like?"

Too bad that Jesus doesn’t have a Facebook page or pics posted on Instagram. Talk about a cool way to get to know Him. Who wouldn't want a portrait of Jesus?

But in the gospel of John, you get something better than even social media posts. You get a look at the self-portrait of Jesus in His own words—His seven “I am” statements. Think of it as an autobiography of Jesus that you can “like,” “friend,” & “follow” as you discover amazing things that He proclaims about Himself. And, what Jesus tells about Himself and the relationship you can enjoy through faith in Him will satisfy the spiritual hunger in your soul. Guaranteed!

Painting the Portrait of Jesus Bible Study

Study the "I Am" declarations of Jesus in the Gospel of John • 8 Lessons

Focus: Learn why Jesus is the answer to the spiritual needs of every person. As He reveals Himself, you will long for a close relationship with this same Jesus, the one to whom you belong. And, you will want to follow him because He is trustworthy. Jesus offers you a new life that is joyful and fruitful. Following Him involves trusting Him to guide you in your daily life through what you read in God’s Word and through talking to God.

For new-to-the-Bible Christians: Painting the Portrait of Jesus is the ideal way to learn who Jesus is, how He meets your needs, and why you can trust Him enough to follow Him.

Podcasts: Not yet. But, you can listen to my podcasts to check out my teaching.

I am the leader of our monthly Bible Study group whose members range from 60-91. Although this study is easy for some of our group, it is always worthwhile and rewarding to go back to the basics. (Eleanor)

Happy studying!

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