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Bible Study for New Christians

A Fresh Start: Enter Your Life in Christ with Confidence and Joy

(Short and easy for anyone new to the Bible)

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Do you get lost trying to study the Bible on your own?

Are you a new Christian wondering where to start studying the Bible?

Are you discipling a new Christian, helping her to get a solid foundation of truth about Christ?

Begin here with A Fresh Start, the perfect Bible Study for new Christians.

A Fresh Start Bible Study

Basic, easily understood lessons for new Christians • 8 Lessons

Focus: Helping you get to know God, Jesus, and what it means to be a Christian. Designed for new Christians or anyone new to the Bible. Introduces you to the love-relationship with God you were designed to enjoy.

The first book in the Graceful Beginning Series for anyone new to the Bible.

Through this study, I met Jesus in a whole new way and understand my new identity in Christ. My sins have all been forgiven, and I am called to be a disciple for Him. (Katia)

Happy studying!

Joyful Walk Bible Studies are grace-based Bible studies, free to download and print for those not using it for commercial purposes. Also available as low-cost books.

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