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Here's what you will get from my teaching:

•  Grace-based, Bible-focused, Depending-on-Christ-to-do-this teaching.

•  Down-to-earth wisdom and candor delivered with a joyful spirit.

•  Inspiring you to approach life God’s way rather than the world’s way.

Affordable: I will work with you and your event budget and whatever topic that meets your needs.

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The Walk from Fear to Faith retreat. Old Testament Women. Melanie Newton

walk from fear to faith

Bible Focus: Old Testament Women

Sessions: 3-4

Every woman will receive resources to help her handle any fearful situation in her life.

Satisfied by His Love-New Testament women study-let Jesus satisfy your heart with His goodness.

satisfied by His love

Bible Focus: New Testament Women

Sessions: 3-4 

Experience the love and compassion that Jesus offers to every woman today.

Ephesians retreat. What's in your treasure chest?

your treasure chest

Bible Focus: The Book of Ephesians

Sessions: 3-5

Learn how to get rid of your substitutes and cling to your treasure in Christ alone.

Old Testament Men Bible Study. Perseverance leads to hope.

perseverance: sustained by hope

Bible Focus: 1 Kings 17-19, Elijah

Sessions: 3-4 

Only a sustained hope rooted in the faithfulness of God enables us to persevere faithfully in the rough-and-tumble of real life.

Romans 5-6 retreat. Pathways to a Joyful Walk. Melanie Newton

pathways to a joyful walk

Bible Focus: Romans 5 and 6

Sessions: 3-4 

Discover pathways to follow that lead you to a joyful walk rather than one that is frustrating and disappointing.

satisfied podcasts

Listen to audio or video messages related to my Joyful Walk Bible Studies or women's retreat themes. Many have notes that can be downloaded as well.

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“Let me help you and your audience seek an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and hold onto it daily, so that in the midst of personal struggles and challenges from the surrounding culture you might also experience a truly joyful walk.” (Melanie)