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Knowing God Bible Study

The God You Can Know:  The Wonderful Attributes of Your Father God

(Short and easy for anyone new to the Bible)

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His name is Jason. He’s in his early 20s, lives daily with physical difficulties so that he can barely walk. His father helps him walk to his seat at church and holds Jason up so he can help take the offering during the service. What captured my attention is the look of deep, deep love on the father’s face as he interacts with Jason, his son. A son who will never be the star quarterback or ace pitcher or do any of those other “great” things a father might expect from his son. Jason’s father doesn’t look at him with disgust or annoyance because he squirms a lot and needs help to go anywhere. He doesn’t look exasperated because he needs to help Jason go to the men’s room right in the middle of a sermon. He looks at him with love. What a beautiful picture of how deep a father’s love is for his child!

Our God is a trustworthy Father. The moment you placed your trust in Jesus Christ for your salvation, you were adopted into God’s family as His child. He is the perfect Father, the most loving Father, the most dependable Father, and the Father who cares about your every need. He is a God you can know, and who is worth knowing.

The God You Can Know Bible Study

Study the character of God • 8 Lessons

Focus: Become familiar with the character of God—those attributes that help you to know Him well, love Him wholeheartedly, and gain the confidence to trust Him as your Father God. Your heavenly Father is always the same—always trustworthy, always loving, always just—and much more. He is never untrue to who He says He is. That’s a dad worth getting to know. That’s the Father you will discover in this studyWho doesn’t want a dad like that?

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What a great way to learn about the character of our Father God. He is so trustworthy. (anonymous)

Happy studying!

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  1. What have you got on Edification or building up of Christ’s church members. What have you got on gossip?

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