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1 and 2 Chronicles Bible Study

An 20-Session Study of the Old Testament Books—1st and 2nd Chronicles

1 and 2 Chronicles Bible Study

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Recently, I wrote a series of blogs on 1 and 2 Chronicles and plan to one day turn them into a Bible Study. What I discovered is that studying 1 and 2 Chronicles can be fun. In some ways, it's like doing your genealogy research on ancestry.com or other sites and finding out how those who came before you lived their lives. Don't you love it when you find something written about them or even a letter written by them?

The neat thing is that you can learn from their choices. Bad choices that negatively affected your parents or grandparents don't have to continue. With God's help, you can reboot the ungodly patterns of life and start fresh approaching life God's way.

Until I get the study written, it seemed a good idea to offer the articles I wrote for you to glean as you study these books on your own. Follow the outline given. Read the chapters and make your own notes. Then, read the article related to those chapters for additional insight and more food for your own learning.

Look at 1 and 2 Chronicles with fresh eyes. See God's patience with real people and how He gives everyone a chance to reboot from bad choices.

Happy studying!

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Happy studying!

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