Gospel of Mark Bible Study

Heartbreak to Hope: Good News from Mark

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Do you feel the heartache of rejection, the pain of loneliness, or a sense of uncertainty?

This world is full of heartache and pain. Human distress is everywhere around us. Chronic illness. Persecution. Poverty. Unrealized dreams. Job struggles. Women and men are in bondage to guilt, fear, destructive behavior, and fatigue due to the burden of responsibilities.

Broken relationships leave people with a sense of rejection, worthlessness and extreme loneliness. Add to those any feelings of uncertainty often revealed by the questions we ask about life. Where do you go for help?

Heartbreak to Hope Bible Study

A study of the Gospel of Mark • 11 Lessons

Focus: Through this study of the gospel of Mark you will learn about Jesus’s life on earth, how He related to people and why knowing Him brings hope to your life. Let your heartbreak, pain and uncertainty be overcome by Christ’s hope, healing and love.

Podcasts: Not yet. But, you can listen to my other podcasts to check out my teaching.

A group of us gals from church have been doing Mark. Great in-depth look at the end of Christ's earthly life. Even though we are all old (younger at heart than years), we are all learning. I can't thank you enough for the free preview. So many other books are a bit pricey for our budgets. (Dorie) 

Happy studying!

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  1. I downloaded this study for our Bible Study with a few friends. I wanted to see what it was about before using it. My friends loved it. I will order the books from now on. I just got Connecting Faith to Life on Planet Earth today. Cant wait to dig into it. I was really surprised to see notebook size pages. Now if I want I can take pages out, punch with a hole punch and keep in a notebook along with any other information I might want to use. A real bonus! I have a feeling we will be studying your material for quite a time. It is hard to find a study that doesn’t ask a lot of personal questions and is just Bible based plus the extra info is great.

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