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Radical Acts: The Fire of the Spirit Erupting through Believers

(includes a discussion guide for leaders)

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When was the last time you really studied the book of Acts in the Bible? Or, have you ever really studied it?

Perhaps you have shied away from it because it happened so long ago or has controversial issues in it.

Whatever has kept you from studying Acts in the past, forget that!

Here are 3 reasons you should study Acts right now in your life. Ready?

Radical Acts Bible Study

A study of the book of Acts • 11 Lessons

Focus: You will see the fire of the Spirit erupting through the lives of believers. This will spark in you an appreciation, longing, and expectation for the Holy Spirit’s work in your own life. Get fired up and ready for adventure!

Podcasts: Not yet. But, you can listen to my other podcasts to check out my teaching.

My daughter spoke to the middle school youth this morning about Paul. If I had not done this study, I would have no idea what she was talking about. Before this, I didn’t know Paul’s story and the impact he had. I didn’t know about Peter. I didn’t know the story of Ananias. It was so wonderful to sit there this morning & be able to connect fully with her message. (Melodye)

Happy studying!

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