No Jerks on the Job

By Ron Newton

Are you dealing with workplace jerks?

My husband, Ron Newton, spent years of running a unique wilderness camp program for troubled youth. The lessons he learned from that experience provide answers to overcoming the problems caused by “value-challenged” managers and employees. Those workplace jerks. Ron's book addresses this problem and offers workable solutions for you.

Though not a Bible Study, No Jerks on the Job shows how to overcome workplace people problems through the biblical principles of accountability, transparency, compassion, and patience. Ron writes in a winsome, relational style to illustrate those principles.

No Jerks on the Job vividly describes the world of relational hand-to-hand combat with problem workers and dysfunctional work cultures. Ron connects real-life patterns of troubled adolescent behavior to similar problems in business. Through his entertaining stories from both campsite and boardroom, he reveals concise and effective “jerk-busting” solutions that will return positive productivity to a formerly damaged business environment.

Since No Jerks on the Job is written from a secular point of view, it opens the door for believers in the workplace to help solve the confounding behavior problems that haunt the secular workplace. This book is especially helpful if you are a business owner or manager. But, any employee will find useful encouragement and advice to use biblical principles to deal with workplace jerks.

Happy reading!


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