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2nd Timothy Bible Study

To Be Found Faithful: A Study of Second Timothy

Newly revised to give you a better study experience.

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When you read your Bible, do words sometimes leap off the page at you? When that happens to me, I know the Holy Spirit is deliberately capturing my attention. God is definitely speaking to me through His Word at that moment.

I’ve read that verse before, and nothing special happened. This time was different.

“They [the righteous] will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green…” (Psalm 92:14 NIV).

Stay fresh and green. Yes, Lord, that is what I desire. I am in my sixties. Oh Lord, help me to stay fresh and green.

But, what would that look like? And, why is that a concern for all of us who are growing older every day? Paul's letter we know as 2 Timothy helped me to think about this more.

To Be Found Faithful Bible Study

Study 2 Timothy • 8 Lessons

Focus: Learn what it means for you to be faithful to your God—to be unwavering in belief and consistently loyal to Him as you live each day. And, your faithful God is the One who enables you to do so. The wisdom of His Word and His Spirit living inside you give you the ability to remain faithful, to stay fresh and green and fruitful for Him. The choice is up to you. Will you make the choice to live faithfully to your God every day? Will you choose to stay fresh and green for Him as you are growing old?

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My Bible Study group just finished your study of 2nd Timothy, and it was wonderful! Thank you so much for this study, as we all loved it and learned so much more from your studies than other ones! (Patti)

Happy studying!

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