Colossians and Philemon Bible Study

Healthy Living: A Study of Colossians & Philemon 

(just revised to include podcasts and a discussion guide for leaders)

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Picture this scenario. It’s 2 a.m. A baby is very fussy and restless. The mother awakes, goes to pick her child up out of the crib, and realizes that her infant who was healthy the day before is now burning with fever. There’s an infection in the small child’s body! The worried parent knows she must treat the infection through medicine and/or a visit to the doctor followed by rest and patiently waiting for the treatment to take hold. The baby will hopefully soon return to healthy living.

Heresy is an infection in the Body of Christ. It’s not just error; it is anti-truth! And like an infection in the human body, it always affects life so it must be addressed.

Thankfully, the answer to all heresy is TRUTH! Knowing truth gives us a spiritual immune system that fights and prevents infection. Colossians teaches truth that is the prescription for healthy living. Philemon shows how to live it out.

Healthy Living Bible Study

Study Colossians & Philemon • 11 Lessons

Focus: Genuine Christians can be deceived by false teaching, even teaching concerning Christ.Maybe it’s time to check for infection in your thinking. Do you have a concept about Jesus Christ, salvation, or the Christian life that is based on man-made tradition or philosophy rather than on Scripture?The prescription for “healthy living” is to recognize that infection and give it up to accept the truth about Christ presented in God's Word. This study of Colossians and Philemon will help you to do that.

Podcasts: Yes! Listen below.

Thank you for doing this study! I love how you have us re-read what we’ve already covered as it helps me solidify Paul’s (God’s) message to the church and me. And, it makes me look at the passages again for new treasures! (Jan)

Happy studying!

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