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Fear to Faith Bible Study

The Walk from Fear to Faith: Trusting God with Your Fears

(Short and easy for anyone new to the Bible)

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I heard Jill Briscoe once say, “Women are a fear-driven, performance-oriented species.” She’s right. Fear is an ever-present emotion with us. Real fears and imagined fears. Is it realistic to think we can live without fear? No!

Fear is a normal human emotion designed by God to alert us to danger so that we will take action against it. Yet, fear can take root in us and cause us to give way to panic and hysteria. God knows this about us. I am so grateful for that!

When we are afraid, God wants us to trust him and not give way to our fears. That's our walk from fear to faith.

The Walk from Fear to Faith Bible Study

Selected Old Testament women • 6 Lessons

Focus: Study the lives of ordinary women like we are who experienced fear like we do. From their life stories, we can see an ever-faithful God in action who is also our God, whose character never changes. There may be a problem in your life right now where you need to choose to do right, but you are afraid of the possible consequences. Will you choose to trust God with whatever you are facing and walk from fear to faith?

Podcasts: Listen to the podcasts below or through Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. Podcast listener guides are in the study itself. Watch videos for this study.

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Love this study. I ordered a second one for a friend! (Elizabeth)

 Happy studying!

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