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Second Corinthians Bible Study

The God-Dependent Woman: Life Choices from Second Corinthians

The God-Dependent Woman Bible Study

Study of Second Corinthians

11 Lessons

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Focus: God wants you to learn to rely on Him more than on yourself. Being a God-dependent woman will make you stronger and more effective in life than you could ever be on your own.The key to being a God-dependent woman is dependent living. God will transform you into a God-dependent woman who lives dependently on Him in weakness and in strength. You can start living this way today!

For the past twelve years, I wanted to study Second Corinthians. Really study it. From a woman's perspective.

I couldn't find a study written by someone else that did that well. So, I asked the Lord to help me write one. He did.

As I prepared the study, I realized that the main emphasis of the whole letter was that we, as believers in Christ, should live our lives dependent on Him all the time. In our strengths when we are using our gifts and skills and opportunities well. In our weaknesses that drive us to Him for help. And, everything in between.

God wants for us women to be God-dependent women. Not "independent except for when we need Him." But, we are to be God-dependent. All. The. Time.

I've wanted to study 2 Corinthians for years. I loved this study. It showed me how and why I should depend on God more than on myself. (Melanie)

Happy studying!

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