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Romans 5 and 6 Bible Study

A 3-Lesson Study of Romans 5 and 6

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Romans 5-6 retreat. Pathways to a Joyful Walk. Melanie Newton

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Picture in your mind one of the most enjoyable walks you have ever been on.  What made it so enjoyable?  Was it the place?  The weather or time of day?  The one who was walking beside you?

Throughout the Bible, our lives are referred to as a “walk,” although some days you may feel like yours is a sprint.  Am I right? Though you may feel like you are sprinting, your whole life experience is considered a walk.

And, those who place their faith in God are living a “faith walk”.  From the very beginning, we find references to faith walks.  Enoch "walked" with God (Genesis 5:22).  Noah walked with God (Genesis 6:9). Abraham walked with God (Genesis 24:40).

In the New Testament, Romans 4:12 says that all believers in Jesus Christ have a “faith walk” with God as Abraham did.  Wow!  If you know anything about Abraham, that’s a pretty amazing thing to say, isn’t it?

Here’s the catch: A lifetime faith walk must be walked daily.  Choices are made daily, weekly, and yearly to follow pathways that lead you on a joyful walk (the kind you pictured in your mind) or to one that is frustrating and disappointing.

Pathways to a Joyful Walk

Study Romans 5 & 6 • 3 sessions

Focus: Discover the pathways to follow that make your faith walk a joyful one!

Podcasts: Listen to the podcasts and download the notes.

Happy studying!

“This study is from a Joyful Walk Retreat. Let me help you and your audience seek an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and hold onto it daily, so that in the midst of personal struggles and challenges from the surrounding culture you might also experience a truly joyful walk. I'll work with your budget and with enough time can create messages to coordinate with your retreat focus.” (Melanie)

Joyful Walk Bible Studies are grace-based Bible studies, free to download and print for those not using it for commercial purposes. Also available as low-cost books.

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