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Hi, I'm Melanie Newton. Jesus Christ has given me a passion to help women learn how to study the Bible for themselves through my Joyful Walk Bible Studies and Graceful Beginnings books for anyone new to the Bible. The Lord has also given me a heart's desire to train women who want to grow their Bible-teaching skills to help others walk joyfully with Jesus! I think it’s always the right time for a Dr. Pepper, that my family is the greatest, and being outside for even a few minutes is a daily necessity.

Because of God's grace, I have LOTS of Bible Studies and ministry resources on this website for you to use in your life and ministry. Enjoy!

Your favorite study is now in Spanish!

Hands down, the Everyday Woman, Ever-Faithful God Bible Study has been the most consistently downloaded and purchased for 5 years now. This Bible Study of Old Testament women on their walk from fear to faith is now in Spanish. You can download and print on your own or purchase a book for only $8. Share this resource with all your Spanish-speaking friends. For every purchase, I will make a donation to the missionary in Bolivia who translated this study for us.

Posted by Melanie Newton on July 21, 2017

New to the Bible? Start with Graceful Beginnings (#ChooseBibleStudy series)

New to the Bible? Start with Graceful Beginnings books by Melanie Newton.

You are now at part three of the 4-part “Choosing a Bible Study” series. In this series, I’m showing you how to choose the next Bible Study for yourself or for your group. If you missed the other posts in the series, then you best be catchin’ up. You can check those out here.

1. How to Choose a Bible Study

>>In this post, I showed you some questions to ask and some general things to consider as you choose a Bible Study for yourself or for a group. I suggested that you choose a scripted Bible Study, not someone’s popular book, and that you make sure it uses the inductive method: observation, interpretation, application. You also need to choose a study that matches your familiarity with studying the Bible and that interests you so you will want to do it.

2. Select Your Next Joyful Walk Bible Study

>>In this post, I described the Joyful Walk Bible Studies available from my website. Details included the Bible content covered by each study, the theme of each study, what you can expect to learn, and the number of lessons included.

Now, onto today’s topic!

Are you a new Christian wondering how to study the Bible?

Do you get lost trying to study the Bible on your own?

Are you helping someone learn to study the Bible?

Whether or not you have been a Christian for a while, if the whole thought of reading and studying the Bible is something new in your life, you need to start with something designed especially for anyone who is new to the Bible. Basic lessons with simple questions with easy-to-understand terms and applications. My Graceful Beginnings Series of Bible study books are designed especially for anyone who is new to the Bible. So, if you or most of your group members are new to the Bible, start with GRACEFUL BEGINNINGS.

Graceful Beginnings books are where you can gain confidence in studying the Bible for yourself!


A Fresh Start: Enter Your New Life in Christ with Confidence and Joy

A Fresh Start by Melanie Newton. Bible study for new Christians. Check it out on Fresh Start is the ideal place for new-to-the-Bible Christians to begin learning about the spiritual riches and abundant life that God has prepared for us. As the first book in the Graceful Beginnings Series of Bible studies, A Fresh Start provides basic, easily understood Bible study lessons that introduce the inexperienced Christian to God and His way of approaching life.

Whether you are a new Christian or someone who needs to make sense of a patchwork of past teachings you have heard, A Fresh Start will help you discover exactly what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and to live out your life “in Christ” daily. Young Christians who need to know and experience God’s trustworthy love will find no better place to begin than A Fresh Start. (8 lessons)

Get the Free Choose a Bible Study


Painting the Portrait of Jesus: The “I Am” Word Pictures Revealing the Jesus We Follow

Painting the Portrait of Jesus by Melanie Newton. A Study of the I Am's of Jesus. Check it out on bad that Jesus doesn’t have a Facebook page or pics posted on Instagram. Talk about a cool way to get to know Him. But in Painting the Portrait of Jesus, you get something better. You get a look at the self-portrait of Jesus in His own words—His seven “I am” statements. Think of it as an autobiography of Jesus that you can “like,” “friend,” & “follow” as you discover amazing things that He proclaims about Himself.

For new-to-the-Bible Christians, Painting the Portrait of Jesus is the ideal way to learn who Jesus is, how He meets your needs, and why you can trust Him enough to follow Him. Painting the Portrait of Jesus views the self-portrait of Jesus using His seven “I am” statements from the book of John. You can “like,” “friend,” & “follow” as you discover amazing things about Jesus that will satisfy the spiritual hunger in your soul and answer one of the most asked questions of all time. What does Jesus look like? (8 lessons)

The God You Can Know: The Wonderful Attributes of Your Father God

The God You Can Know—the attributes of your Father God.Dad. The word evokes as many feelings as there are people. Good. Bad. Present. Absent. Loving. Hollow. Provider. Ask anyone; it’s like a box of chocolates. But as you learn in this study, your heavenly Father is always the same—always trustworthy, always loving, always just—and much more. He is never untrue to who He says He is. That’s a dad worth getting to know. That’s the Father you will discover in this study, The God You Can Know.

Through The God You Can Know lessons, you will become familiar with the character of God—those attributes that help you to know Him well, love Him wholeheartedly, and gain the confidence to trust Him as your Father God. In this study, you will discover that your Father God’s love for you is deep and amazing! Who doesn’t want a dad like that? (8 lessons)

Grace Overflowing: The Joy of Christ Living in You (A Study of Paul’s Letters)

Grace Overflowing by Melanie Newton. A study of Paul's letters for anyone new to the Bible. Check it out on is life working for you? Feel like a failure? Overcome by feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, or regrets? Are you desperate for something—anything—to lift you up and keep you there? Perhaps you are doing ‘okay’ right now and want to continue that way, but fear lurks. What if there is a way to live confidently, even joyfully, in whatever circumstance you face? Would you buy a dose of it? You don’t have to; it’s free. It’s called God’s grace. In this study guide, Grace Overflowing, you get to learn all about it.

Grace Overflowing is a brief study of Paul’s 13 New Testament letters where you will learn what it means to live as a Christian, experiencing God’s grace overflowing to your life. Hope, freedom, joy, and comfort in Christ are yours through living in His grace. Why would you want anything else? (13 lessons)

The Walk from Fear to Faith: Trusting God with Your Fears (Old Testament Women)

The Walk from Fear to Faith-Trusting God with Your Fears. Melanie NewtonWhat is causing you fear today? Fear is a normal human emotion designed by God to alert us to danger so we will take action against it. Yet, fear can take root in us and cause us to give way to panic and hysteria. God knows this about us. When we are afraid, God wants us to trust Him and not give way to fear. Learning to do so is our walk from fear to faith.

The Walk from Fear to Faith study invites you to journey alongside some Old Testament women on their walk from fear to deeper faith in our amazing God. They were ordinary people like we are who experienced fear like we do. From their life stories, we can see an ever-faithful God in action who is also our God, whose character never changes.

There may be a problem in your life right now where you need to choose to do right, but you are afraid of the possible consequences. Will you choose to trust God with whatever you are facing and walk from fear to faith? (6 lessons)

Satisfied by His Love: Let Jesus satisfy your heart with the goodness of His love (New Testament Women)

Satisfied by His Love-New Testament women study-let Jesus satisfy your heart with His goodness. melanienewton.comDo you have a thirst to be truly loved? How is this thirst for love being satisfied? You were created by God with a built-in thirst for a love relationship with Him—a thirst as real as physical thirst. It cannot be satisfied by a relationship with another human. Only God can satisfy every spiritual need of your thirsty heart through a relationship with Jesus Christ. You don’t need to go anywhere else!

Do you need forgiveness or relief from pain? Jesus does that. Are you in spiritual bondage? Jesus frees you from bondage. Do you need assurance that you are loved? Jesus crowns you with His love and compassion.

Jesus promises to fill you with everything you need to feel satisfied. Satisfied by His Love. Will you let Jesus satisfy your heart with the goodness of His love? (6 lessons)


Here’s a quick look at all the studies I listed above and the link to get more details and any associated messages:

A Fresh Start. — do this one first

Painting the Portrait of Jesus — the “I Am’s” from Gospel of John

The God You Can Know — the character of God as Father

Grace Overflowing — overview of Paul’s letters

The Walk from Fear to Faith — Old Testament Women

Satisfied by His Love — New Testament Women

I hope this has helped you decide which Graceful Beginnings study to do next. Remember that all of the Bible is God’s Word for you and to you so that you can know Him well and follow Him by faith.

Ask yourself what would be the best focus for you in your life right now or for your group. Then, consider what you have already studied and what might be the best thing to build onto that. Choose your Bible study based on these.

If you are looking for studies of specific books of the Bible that my studies don’t cover yet, just ask me if I know of any I can recommend. I have a few sources of really good studies that I can check out and share the links with you.

Remember to ask Jesus to help you choose a Bible study for yourself or for a group. Depend on Him to show you what to do. He is faithful!

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Got questions? Leave a comment.


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