The Walk from Fear to Faith. Will you choose to trust God with whatever you are facing and walk from fear to faith? Let this 6-lesson study get you there. Perfect for anyone new to the Bible and for doing during lunchtime in your workplace. Check it out at

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Old Testament Women on Their Walk from Fear to Faith

This 6-lesson study invites you to journey alongside some Old Testament women on their walk from fear to deeper faith in our amazing God. They were ordinary women like you are who experienced FEAR like you do.

From their life stories, you can see an ever-faithful God in action who is also your God, whose character never changes. When you are afraid, God wants you to trust Him and not give way to fear.

Learning to do so is your walk FROM FEAR TO FAITH.

What You Will Discover in "The Walk from Fear to Faith":

Lesson 1: Got Fear? Trust God — Trusting God with your fears

Lesson 2: God Is Bigger than Your Weaknesses — Sarah

Lesson 3: God Is Stronger than Your Enemies — Miriam

Lesson 4: God Is Good in the Waiting — Rahab

Lesson 5: God's Riches Meet Your Needs — 2 Widows

Lesson 6: Trusting God? Tell It! — Shunammite Woman


See below for accompanying short video sessions for each lesson.


Session 1

4 Truths Essential to Faith

Session 2-Sarah

Press on Beyond Any Weakness

Session 3-Miriam

Apply Faith to Fear


Session 4-Rahab

Trust God's Goodness

Session 5-Two Widows

Recognize God's Provision

Session 6-Shunammite

Declare God's Faithfulness