About Melanie

I’m a Louisiana girl who responded to God’s grace through the college ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. At that point, I chose to follow Jesus as His disciple. His grace has filled me with a passion to teach and lead other women to an authentic, joyful relationship with Jesus for themselves.

Ron Newton, author of No Jerks on the Job, and Melanie Newton, author of Joyful Walk Bible Studies for women. I’ve been happily married to Ron Newton for many years. We’ve been Texans since we moved here to attend Dallas Theological Seminary. Together we have 3 children. Adding to my “mommy” experiences are several years of homeschooling and developing science activities for children that illustrate biblical truth (Discovery Workshops). I also enjoy being a "Mentor Mom" to mothers of young children.

Discipling women has been my mission for more than 40 years now. Mostly, it's been through women's Bible studies for growing Christians (Joyful Walk Bible Studies). Now, it's through Graceful Beginnings books for anyone new to the Bible.

I also offer Lifestyle Disciplemaking Training events to churches large and small. My goal is to lead women of all church backgrounds to a lifestyle of disciplemaking—personally as well as incorporating the process into existing women's ministries.

I do all this through "Joyful Walk Ministries" — a partner with my husband's ministry, "Integrity at Work." You can follow me as a regular contributor to www.bible.org.

What I believe and teach

“Jesus took hold of me in 1972, and I’ve been on this great adventure ever since. My life is a gift of God, full of blessings in the midst of difficult challenges. The more I’ve learned and experienced God’s absolutely amazing grace, the more I’ve discovered my faith walk to be a joyful walk. I’m still seeking that joyful walk every day." (Melanie)

About Ron

Ron has been changing lives for more than four decades. After graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary, Ron led a wilderness camping ministry for troubled youth for many years and now helps corporations with their employees. His passion is to help improve personal and organizational lives quickly. Businesses on five continents utilize Ron's knowledge of how to identify and eliminate destructive behaviors and promote healthy character in order to build better leadership and transform their workplace culture.

Ron is the president of PEAK Training Solutions and the author of the top-rated business book, No Jerks on the Job. He is also the director of "Integrity at Work - iWork" — a faith at work ministry.