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Colossians & Philemon

1 & 2 Thessalonians

1 Timothy & Titus

2 Timothy

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Knowing Jesus, Knowing Joy

Are You Hungry for Joy in Your Life?

Knowing Jesus, Knowing Joy! Are you hungry for joy in your life? Check it out at

12 Lessons • Study of Philippians

This letter is a well-crafted expression of gratitude and joy. True joy is based on a saving relationship with God and in maintaining fellowship with Him.

The deeper our relationship with Jesus and with His people, the greater the joy that awaits us and the less that joy is dependent on external circumstances. Are you hungry for joy in your life? Know Jesus and know joy!


Following a Bible Study on the book of Philippians, using "Knowing Jesus, Knowing Joy," the CCF Ladies Bible Study group in Lindale, Texas gave personal testimonies about their experiences with joy that only comes from God. You can watch their JOY stories here.

Healthy Living

Dwelling in TRUTH you can KNOW leads to healthy living!

Healthy Living Bible Study. A study of Colossians and Philemon. Check it out at


11 Lessons • Study of Colossians & Philemon

Want to find out if your understanding of Jesus Christ, salvation, or the Christian life is based on man-made tradition or philosophy rather than on biblical truth? Study Colossians and learn how to discern truth from error in what you read, hear, and watch. Dwelling in TRUTH that you can KNOW leads to "healthy living."


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Selected Audio Coordinating with Healthy Living:

Lesson 3—

3.HealthyLiving-Infection In Colossae Notes

Lesson 5—

5.HealthyLiving-What Takes Women Captive Notes


Gaining a Proper Perspective of God, Ourselves, and the World in which We Live

Perspective Bible Study. Gaining perspective through a study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Check it out at

12 Lessons • Study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians

When we gain a proper perspective of God, ourselves, and the world in which we live, we begin to serve our God with greater
enthusiasm and growing freedom. There is then no limit to what can happen as God works in us and through us to impact our world.

How is your perspective?


Selected Audio Coordinating with Perspective:

Lesson 8—

8.Perspective-What Happens At Death Notes

Adorn Yourself with Godliness

Dress, Act, and Be Like Christ — for Christ!

Adorn Yourself with Godliness. Adorn yourself with the character of God. A study of 1 Timothy and Titus. Check it out at
12 Lessons • Study of 1 Timothy and Titus

How could you be more beautiful than to adorn yourself with the very character of God so that your life displays the beliefs you claim to profess?!

Look in the mirror each morning and see who you really are, and then “dress” in such a way to let others see Jesus in you. Let’s approach our world every morning as we do our mirrors … getting ready to present His Body to an ugly world, desperately in need of adornment.

“Dress,” act, and be like Him — for Him!


Selected Audio Coordinating with Adorn Yourself with Godliness:

Lesson 5 —

1 Timothy 3 Notes

Lesson 7 —

1 Timothy 5 Widows Notes

1 TImothy 5 Good Deeds Notes

Lesson 11 —

Titus 2 Mentoring Notes

To Be Found Faithful

Making the Choice to Live Faithfully to Our God

To Be Found Faithful. Making the choice to live faithfully to your God. 2 Timothy. Check it out at
9 Lessons • Study of 2 Timothy

Our God is a faithful God. He is consistently loyal to those whom He loves and who place their trust in Him. God desires that we also be faithful to Him—to be unwavering in belief and consistently loyal to Him—throughout our spiritual walk. And, our God is the One Who protects and preserves that which He has entrusted to us—He enables us to live faithfully as we choose to do so.

Will you choose to be found faithful by your God each and every day?


Selected Audio Coordinating with To Be Found Faithful:

Lesson 6—

6.FoundFaithful-What Takes Women Captive Notes

Grace Overflowing

The Joy of Christ in Your Life

Grace Overflowing by Melanie Newton. Paul's 13 letters. Graceful Beginnings books for anyone new to the Bible. Check it out on
13 Lessons • A brief study of the Letters of Paul

The "Grace Overflowing" lessons will give you an overview of the thirteen letters of Paul found in the New Testament. These lessons do not cover each letter in detail, but you will learn a simple phrase describing how each letter presents Christ as the answer to specific needs we have and how He meets those needs in our lives as we trust in Him to do it. Grace overflowing to your life.


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