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My mission is to help you learn to study the Bible for yourself and to grow your Bible-teaching skills to lead others on a joyful walk with Jesus.

Scroll through the list and find lots of useful information to help you in your life and ministry. You can also click on the specific categories at right to find what you want.



The two aspects of trusting God: as you do your part his way and for him to do his part alongside you

Two Aspects of Trusting God

Jul 18, 2019

Has God placed something in your heart for you to do? It could be correcting sinful behavior in your own…

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Is it okay to pray to Jesus?

Is it okay to pray to Jesus?

Feb 20, 2019

In the Second Corinthians Bible Study I was leading recently, a question was written on a card and handed to…

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God works in the background of life

See God at Work in the Background

Dec 18, 2018

Has God been preparing the background for answering your prayer today or in the future? That’s what God did for the Jews during the years before Jesus showed up for all to see.

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Holy Spirit Hot Spots

Holy Spirit Hot Spots

Nov 9, 2018

I just finished teaching a study of the book of Acts to a group of women at my church. I…

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decision making as a Christian instead of casting lots

Casting Lots for Making Decisions?

Aug 31, 2018

Making decisions is hard for me. And, I’m talking about simple things like choosing bathroom rugs. I go back and…

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Romans 12:1-2. Dare to be different. The transformed life. MelanieNewton.com

Dare to Be Different—A Commentary on Romans 12:1-2

May 24, 2018

Are you familiar with the toys called “Transformers?” Each one starts out looking like one thing, then various parts move…

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