Small Group Leadership Handbook

Be the best prepared small group leader you can be.

The 5 Cs of Small Group Leadership Handbook. Prepare yourself to be the best small group leader you can be. Great for disciplemaking. Check it out at your small group and ministry team leaders for effective ministry & disciplemaking using the 5 C’s of Small Group Leadership Handbook.

FREE to download and copy for those not using it for commercial purposes.

Download just the “Commission” section to add to your own training: Commission To Make Disciples

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Character — Character qualities of servant-leadership, correct handling of doctrinal issues, your unique design and spiritual gifts.

Connection — Connecting and working with your co-leader and other leadership team members; learning how to managing conflicts

Community — Building community in a small group, connecting the group members to you as a leader and to each other, managing the complexion of a small group (variety and challenging issues)

Commitment — Commitment to the ministry, the group and your responsibilities as a small group leader, managing crisis situations

Commission — Commissioned by Jesus to be a disciplemaker, encouraging the members of her group to follow Jesus as His disciple and to live for Jesus as disciplemakers in their sphere of influence.

How to Use The 5C’s of Small Group Leadership Handbook

Schedule a “small group leader training” day.

Before the training day, provide each new small group leader (or those who have not already been through this handbook) a copy of The 5 C’s of Small Group Leadership handbook to read through and reflect on the “Think About It” questions.

Use the the “small group leader training” day as a gathering time for all leaders (new and experienced) to discuss what they’ve learned from each section, to ask questions, and to brainstorm solutions to any anticipated challenges.

This training will help you to incorporate disciplemaking into your small group ministry.