Is a Video-Driven Study Right for Your Group?

Melanie Newton

Is a video-driven study the best for my group? MelanieNewton.comI’ve been sharing with you some suggestions on how to choose a study for yourself or your group and how to lead a Joyful Walk Bible Study or Graceful Beginnings study with a group. Maybe you are still feeling a bit hesitant about leading a study. And, the temptation to go and buy a video-driven study is strong because it sounds so much easier. But, is it?

Let me encourage you and relieve your fears with these insights:

√ A video-driven study depends on you getting most of the “truth” through viewing the video. The accompanying lessons often lack adequate questions covering the passage or topic. So, women can become lazy when it comes to studying the Bible for themselves and just depend on getting spoon-fed by a gifted teacher.

√  Video-driven studies are convenient but can be expensive. Besides the DVDs, you must still purchase a workbook for every participant. Also, depending on technology to work perfectly every time is risky.

√  When a group becomes dependent on video-driven studies, you no longer have motive or incentive to give opportunity and training to your own women to become Bible study leaders and writers or to become speakers themselves. We need to constantly grow new leaders in our churches.

√  You will learn a lot more about the Bible and God by digging into a lesson yourself and preparing it to lead others in discussion. You can also focus on what your particular group needs the most from the study.

√  It is very hard to find a video-driven study that can be completed in an hour or less during a typical lunch hour at work or during an evening study at the end of a hard work day. The videos are generally too long to allow for much group discussion at all. It’s hard to build community when you are just watching someone else talk.

√  Yes, leading a group of women through a Bible study is hard and scary. But, that’s a good thing because you will depend on Jesus more. It’s okay to say, “Lord Jesus, I do not feel confident leading a Bible study group. But, I will let You do that through me. I am willing to learn from You and depend on You as I do this.” Then, watch what He does!

Get the Free Choose a Bible Study

Joyful Walk Bible Studies and Graceful Beginnings books are easy to use and cost effective:

√  You can download them from my website and print them yourself OR

√  You can purchase the already printed copies at about the same or less than what it would cost for you to print and bind them yourself.

√  I can even give you a discount code to use whenever you buy the books for your group. Just   contact me.

So, go for a Bible study that will encourage the group members to feed themselves from the Word of God, that will build community within the group during the time allowed, and that will help you to become more dependent on Jesus to lead them. It’s a win-win for everyone—you, your group, and Jesus.

There you go. I hope this series has helped to give you confidence in choosing and leading a Bible study for a group.

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If you’ve just start working through one of my studies, hooray! I hope you enjoy it and fall fresh in love with Jesus. Life cannot be any better than knowing Him! Welcome to the Joyful Walk community.

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