Everyday Women, Ever Faithful God. Is fear ever-present in your life? Want to replace it with trust? This Bible study will take you there. 10 lessons. Join Old Testament women and learn to trust God's goodness on your walk from fear to faith! Check it out at melanienewton.com.

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Old Testament Women on Their Walk from Fear to Faith

FEAR is an ever-present emotion with us—real fears and imagined ones. Fear is a normal human emotion designed by God to alert us to danger so that we will take action against it. Yet, fear can take root in us and cause us to give way to panic and hysteria. God knows this about us. When we are afraid, God wants us to trust Him and not give way to fear. Learning to do so is our walk from fear to FAITH.

This 11-lesson grace-based study invites you to journey alongside some special Old Testament women on their walk from fear to deeper faith in our amazing God. They were EVERYDAY WOMEN like we are who experienced fear like we do. From their life stories, we can see an EVER FAITHFUL GOD in action. Be challenged and encouraged as you discover and apply wonderful, timeless truths of God’s character to our modern, hectic lives.

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What you will cover in “Everyday Women”:

The lessons with "Notes" have associated audio messages. See the "Everyday Women" playlist on this page. For select video messages, see "The Walk from Fear to Faith" playlist below the audio messages.

I have added the Introduction lesson so just go by message name rather than number. 🙂


Lesson 1: Introduction — The Walk from Fear to Faith

Trust God Notes  (See also Video Session 1)

Lesson 2: Sarah — A Woman Like Us

Sarah-Big God Notes   (See also Video Session 2)

Lesson 3: Jochebed & Miriam — Influential Women

Miriam-Home Influence Notes  (See also Video Session 3)

Lesson 4: Rahab — A Past and a Future

Rehab-Waiting Notes  (See also Video Session 4)

Lesson 5: Deborah & Jael — Resourceful Women

Deborah-Courage Notes

Lesson 6: Naomi & Ruth — Mothers and Daughters

Naomi-Mentoring Notes

Lesson 7: Hannah & Mrs. Manoah — Mothering Challenges

Hannah-Mothering Notes

Lesson 8: Abigail & Bathsheba — Two Wives

Abigail-Wise Hearts Notes

Lesson 9: Two Widows — Single with Children

Widows-God Provision Notes  (See also Video Session 5)

Lesson 10: Woman of Shunem — A Story to Tell

Shunamite-Tell Story Notes  (See also Video Session 6)

Lesson 11: Esther — Woman of Courage

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