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Sustained by Hope in the Rough-and-Tumble of Real Life

perseverance = “holding to a course of action, belief, or purpose without giving way”

Perseverance, often used interchangeably with the word endurance, is the quality that enables a person to stand on his or her feet when facing a storm head on. It refers to active staying power and tenacity to hold up under some long-term burden, not just getting stuck in traffic. It carries the connotation of whole life experience.

By viewing the work of God in the lives of selected Old Testament Men during much of their lifetime, we see God’s faithfulness to them. By looking at their stories, we gain a long-term perspective through the rough-and-tumble of real life. We can be encouraged to persevere faithfully throughout our own rough-and-tumble life in this troubling yet exciting world.

Are you ready to develop perseverance in your life?

“Prepare by Instruction, Learn by Experience” Retreat

The “Prepare by Instruction, Learn by Experience” Retreat follows the life of one Old Testament man in particular—Elijah—and coordinates with the “Elijah” lessons in the Profiles of Perseverance study.

What you will discover through the “Prepare by Instruction, Learn by Experience” retreat:

The lessons with "Notes" have associated audio messages. See "Perseverance" playlist on this page.

Perseverance: A sustained hope rooted in the faithfulness of God enables us to persevere faithfully throughout the rough-and-tumble of real life.

0.POP-Introduction Notes

POP-When Bad Things Happen Notes

Prepare by Instruction, Learn by Experience (1 Kings 17): Learn how God reveals more of Himself to Elijah as he experiences difficult challenges in his life.

7.POP-Elijah 1Kings17 Notes

And the True God Is… (1 Kings 18): God reveals to the people of Israel that their substitute god is no match for Him.

8.POP-Elijah 1Kings18 Notes

When the “Strong” Feel Weak (1 Kings 19): Even those who are viewed as strong know that in reality they are weak without the presence and power of God to enable them to fulfill His purpose in their lives.

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