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Experience & Share the Compassion of Jesus for Women!

A Study of New Testament Women 

Jesus Christ treated women He met with warmth, personal attention, tenderness, sound teaching, and compassion. Women respond with love for Him and a desire to serve Him through challenges as well as times of joy.

This 12-lesson grace-based study invites you to journey alongside some special New Testament Women as they experienced His love and care for them…the same love and care He offers to every woman today. Learn from Jesus how to share your faith with women around you and disciple them into a joyful life with Jesus.

What you will cover in “Live Out His Love”:

The lessons with "Notes" have associated audio messages. See "NT Women" playlist on this page.


Introduction: Jesus Cares for Women

0.NTWomen-Intro Jesus Cares Notes

Outcast Women — Identified by Lifestyle

Lesson 1: A Samaritan Woman

1.NTWomen-Sharing Jesus Notes

Lesson 2: An Immoral Woman

2.NTWomen-Home With Jesus Notes

Lesson 3: An Adulterous Woman

3.NTWomen-Flesh and War Within Notes

Hurting Women — Identified by Pain

Lesson 4: A Sick Woman & a Dead Girl

4.NTWomen-Two Women Luke 8 Notes

Lesson 5: A Canaanite & a Crippled Woman

5.NTWomen-Jesus Love Patient Kind Notes

Lesson 6: Widow of Nain

6.NTWomen-Caring For Needy Notes

Devoted Women — Identified by Support of Jesus

Lesson 7: Mary & Martha

7.NTWomen-Resurrection Notes

Lesson 8: Mary Magdalene

Lesson 9: Mary (Jesus’ Mom)

Ministry Women — Identified by Service

Lesson 10: Dorcas

Lesson 11: Lydia & Phoebe

11.NTWomen-Women Leaders Notes

Lesson 12: Priscilla

12.NTWomen-Women Mentors Notes


Once you’ve experienced Jesus’ love, prepare to share it with other women who don’t know Him yet!

"Identified" is a short version (8 lessons) of this study prepared by Moni Guyer. Download the zip file below.

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