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Anyone new to the Bible: Are you a new Christian wondering how to study the Bible? Start with the Graceful Beginnings Series.
Anyone new to the Bible: Are you helping someone learn to study the Bible? Start with the Graceful Beginnings Series.
Anyone new to the Bible: Do you get lost trying to study the Bible on your own? Start with the Graceful Beginnings Series.

Introducing "Graceful Beginnings" Bible Studies for Beginners 

Your joyful walk begins here!

Basic lessons • Simple terms • Where you can start studying the Bible with confidence!

A Fresh Start by Melanie Newton. Bible study for new Christians. Check it out on

Start your new life as a Christian with confidence and joy. (8 lessons)

Painting the Portrait of Jesus by Melanie Newton. A Study of the I Am's of Jesus. Check it out on

What does Jesus look like? Let the “I Am” statements from the gospel of John show you. (8 lessons)

Learn to trust your Father God because of His wonderful attributes. (8 lessons)

 Trusting God with your fears. A study of selected Old Testament women. (6 lessons with accompanying Video Sessions)

Grace Overflowing by Melanie Newton. A study of Paul's letters for anyone new to the Bible. Check it out on

The joy of Christ in your life. A brief study of Paul’s 13 New Testament letters. (13 lessons)

New Book Coming Soon

Look for a new study of New Testament women coming this spring. (6 lessons)

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It is my joy to be able to provide free Bible studies for women and other downloadable resources on this website. If you’ve just start working through one of my studies, hooray! I hope you enjoy it and fall fresh in love with Jesus. Life cannot be any better than knowing Him!

Welcome to the Joyful Walk community.