“Live Out His Love” Retreat

Experience Jesus’ Love and Care for Women!


Jesus Christ treated women as no man had ever treated them before. His warmth, personal attention, tenderness, sound teaching, and compassion toward women were revolutionary. He taught, forgave, accepted, and gave new life to them. Jesus was and is a lover of women’s souls. Because His care for them was so countercultural to what they had previously known, they responded with love for Him and a desire to serve Him through challenges as well as times of joy. They focused on following Jesus and serving Him in their daily lives.
Journey alongside some special New Testament Women as they experienced His love and care for them…the same love and care He offers to every woman today!

These messages coordinate with the Joyful Walk Bible Study, “Live Out His Love.


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What you will discover through a “Live Out His Love” retreat:


Introduction: Jesus cares for women

Forgiveness: The joy of complete forgiveness, no matter what is in your past, present or future

Healing: The comfort and assurance that He knows what is going on and can be trusted in whatever He chooses to do

Purpose: The confidence of having a new purpose in life that really matters because of His love for you!

Once you’ve experienced Jesus’ love, share it with other women who don’t know Him yet!

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