How to Lead a “Graceful Beginnings” Study (#LeadBibleStudy series)

Melanie Newton

How to lead a Graceful Beginnings study. Part of #LeadBIbleStudy series from Melanie Newton. Get free Choose a BIble Study checklist at

Hello friend! Welcome to part four of the 5-part “Leading a Bible Study for a Group” series. In this series, I’m showing you the step-by-step process to launching and leading a Bible Study group. If you missed the first three posts in the series, then you can catch up here.

1. How to Start a Bible Study Group

>>In this post, I showed how to pick a Bible Study, invite others to join you, and decide when and where to meet. Step out in faith…just do it!

2. Three Reasons Why You Can Lead a Bible Study

>> This post covers 3 reasons why you can lead a small group Bible Study even if you’ve never done it before: by faith, without knowing all the answers, and even if you are scared.

3. How to Lead a “Joyful Walk Bible Study”

>>Once you’ve chosen the Joyful Walk Bible Study you want to do with your group, this post answers the question, “How do I lead the discussion when we get together?”

The last post focused on leading a Joyful Walk Bible Study. These studies are designed for growing Christians who already have some Bible Study experience. What if you are leading a group of mostly those new to the Bible? I highly recommend that you choose a Graceful Beginnings study. The lessons are basic with simple terms and easy-to-understand questions.

Okay, so you’ve decided that you are going to use a Graceful Beginnings book with one other person or with a group. You are all excited about it. You have either downloaded the study from my website, had it printed and bound, or you have ordered the printed copies (for about the same cost as doing it yourself). You’ve arranged a date to start meeting together. Then you think, “How do I lead the discussion when we get together?”

I can help you with that. ♥

Decide if you will work through the lessons together or on your own

Since the Graceful Beginnings lessons are designed for anyone new to the Bible, you will probably want to work through the first book together with the other person or small group as an example of how to do a Bible study. If you are discipling a new Christian, start with A Fresh Start. The other books can be done in any order.

Here’s the plan for working through the lessons together.

Do each lesson together when you meet. Allow at least an hour.

Ask Jesus to teach you through this lesson.

Look up and read each Bible verse. That way you can make sure she knows how to find Bible verses to read and how to answer the question asked about that verse.

After every few questions, read the summary paragraph and discuss anything confusing or interesting.

Then, let her do the extra Bible reading and reflecting on her own before the next time you meet.

Talk about what she learned in her reading/reflecting before you work through the next lesson.

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Here’s the plan for working through the lessons alone then meeting together to discuss:

Do each lesson on your own then meet together to discuss. The lessons should take an hour or less to cover. Graceful Beginnings studies are great options for a workplace lunchtime Bible study.

Look up and read each Bible verse. Read the question and let her answer it.

After every few questions, read the summary paragraph and discuss anything confusing or interesting.

For those books with associated videos, watch the video together (or read the teaching section) and discuss the “Reflect” question at the end.

There you go. Enjoy the blessings of discovering God’s Word together with someone who is new to the Bible and watching her experience a joyful walk with Jesus. Next time, I’ll share with you ways to handle the “What if’s…” that seem to pop up in every group.


For even more detailed instruction, sign up for my new E-Course, “How to Lead a Bible Study with Confidence & Grace.” I am always thinking about what will help you grow in your faith. I’ll tell you more about it in a future post.

If you have led a Bible Study before or you are thinking about leading a Bible Study for your friends, leave a comment to answer this question:




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