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“Jesus took hold of me in 1972, and I’ve been on this great adventure ever since. My life is a gift of God, full of blessings in the midst of difficult challenges. The more I’ve learned and experienced God’s absolutely amazing grace, the more I’ve discovered my faith walk to be a joyful walk. I’m still seeking that joyful walk every day."


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And the Survey Says…
My passion is to help women learn to study the Bible for themselves and to grow their Bible-teaching skills to help
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Helping the Bible Study Newbie
Over the past 5 years, I have become acutely aware of how adult women feel when they begin to read and
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Be a designated engager. Intentionally connect with newcomers to your group or event so they feel wanted and included. Check it out at melanienewton.com.
Turn Your Radar On!
April, May, June, July…the time of year for women’s retreats, Mother’s Day teas, and other activities that draw newcomers to
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God makes ugly beautiful. Joyful Walking Blog by Melanie Newton. Read at melanienewton.com.
God Makes Ugly Beautiful
Isn’t springtime delightful? The landscape seems to go from ugly and barren to beautiful as new life emerges. Practically every
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Reasons to Not Depend upon Video-Driven Studies. Check it out at melanienewton.com.
Reasons to Not Depend upon Video-driven Studies
I’ve been sharing with you some suggestions on how to choose a study for yourself or your group and how
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How to Lead a “Graceful Beginnings” study
Okay, so you’ve decided that you are going to use a Graceful Beginnings book with one other person or with a group.
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It is my joy to be able to provide free Bible studies for women and other downloadable resources on this website. If you’ve just start working through one of my studies, hooray! I hope you enjoy it and fall fresh in love with Jesus. Life cannot be any better than knowing Him!

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