“Pathways to a Joyful Walk” Retreat

Based on a Bible study of Romans 5 and 6




Choices are made daily, weekly, and yearly to follow pathways that lead you to a joyful walk or to one that is frustrating and disappointing.

I’ll help you discover the pathways to follow that make your faith walk a joyful one!

What you will discover through a “Pathways to a Joyful Walk” retreat:


Know Who You Are: Believers get a new life with a radical new identity and are set free to live a radically new kind of life. You are not who you used to be. You must know your identity to live a joyful life.

1.JW-Know Who You Are Notes

Know Whom You Serve: We have a new master to serve, Jesus Christ, and a changed relationship between us and the old master, sin. But, the old master sin is still calling our name. What to do!

2.JW-Know Whom You Serve Notes

Know Where You’re Going: We can faithfully endure tough times and have joy in the process.

3.JW-Know Where You Are Going Notes


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“Thank you so much for coming to our retreat and sharing your heart with our women! It was such a blessing to have you here, and I have heard MANY comments from ladies about how they were encouraged by what you shared.” (Tracy from New Braunfels, Texas)