How to Start a Bible Study Group (#LeadBibleStudy series)

June 23, 2017 Melanie Newton

Hey friend! Welcome to part one of the 5-part “Leading a Bible Study” series. In this series, I’m showing you the step-by-step process to launch and lead a Bible Study group.

If you’ve spent time on my website, you have probably seen that my passion is to help you learn how to study the Bible for yourself and to grow your Bible-teaching skills to help others. I have learned through the years that the Christian life is a life of faith. Faith means you step out in a direction of trusting Jesus to get you through whatever it is you are doing.

That is true about leading Bible studies. Many churches offer Bible studies for women. All you have to do is sign up. But, a lot of churches do not offer Bible studies for women because the churches are too small or have no one to lead the way.

What if you really want to do a Bible study and would rather do it in community with other women rather than by yourself? Maybe you have been thinking about starting a Bible study and inviting others to join you but that thought terrifies you. Now may be the time to step out in faith and just do it. I am here to help you and be your cheerleader through the process.


What if you want to start a Bible study group but don’t know how to begin? I suggest that you first pick out a Bible study that interests you. I’ve put together a series of articles on “How to Choose a Bible Study for Yourself or Your Group.” Start there.

If you are excited about doing a certain study, it will be easier to get others interested.

Get the Free Choose a Bible Study

Once you’ve chosen your Bible study, then think of women you know who might be interested in joining you for that study.

Perhaps you could just put an announcement in your church news and see who wants to join you. I’ve done that a few times.

Do you have a few neighbors you could ask? This is a great way to build community.

Maybe you have some mommy friends who need to have some adult discussion. I know a group of women who get together for Bible study right after they drop their children off at school in the morning.

Consider inviting some co-workers to join you during your lunch break.

Maybe you could just post it on Facebook and see who responds. One member of our Joyful Walk Community did that and found 50 women in her remote area who wanted to do a Bible study with her through a Facebook Group, occasionally meeting together at a local coffee shop.


If you already have a group of friends, neighbors, or co-workers who want to join you for a Bible study, that’s great. You just have to decide when and where you could meet.

It doesn’t have to be every week. I know of several groups of friends who meet only twice a month for Bible study. It does help to not go too long between meetings, though, because you really do lose consistency in thought if too much time passes. At least, I do!

It can be at any time that works for your group. Early in the morning before school or work? Over the lunch hour for co-workers? In the evening? Or anywhere in between. Whatever works for you. Go for it!

Where to meet? The possibilities are endless. I have met with a group of ladies at a coffee shop on summer evenings while sitting outside under the awning. Another group met in the café area of the local grocery store over the lunch hour, drawing in women who work from home in our area. Restaurants can be noisy making it hard to hear one another. But, some have side rooms you can reserve. Homes are always good. Meeting at a room in your church might be the most convenient place, especially if you like to know you will always have a place to meet away from crowds!

You can try different days/times/places until you find something that works well for your group.


And, see what God does as you trust Him with this decision. In the next email, I’ll help you step above those feelings of insecurity you might have about leading a study if you’ve never done it before. Stay with me…


For even more detailed instruction, sign up for my new E-Course, “How to Lead a Bible Study with Confidence & Grace.” I am always thinking about what will help you grow in your faith.

Bible Study Leadership Made Easy. Learning to lead with confidence & grace. An online course at

If you have led a bible study before or you are thinking about leading a bible study for your friends, leave a comment to answer this question:




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Hey friend! Welcome to part one of the 5-part “Leading a Bible Study” series. In this series, I’m showing you Read more.
My passion is to help women learn to study the Bible for themselves and to grow their Bible-teaching skills to help Read more.


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