Graceful Living. Are you ready to live an authentic Christian life? This Bible study will take you there. 11 lessons. Be transformed by your grace-giving God" and experience a life of freedom and joy!

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Experience a Life of Freedom and Joy!

Jesus Christ calls us to a new life, clothes us with Himself, commissions us with a purpose, and empowers us to fulfill that purpose.

This 11-lesson grace-based Bible study covers the essentials of living a Christian life. Discover who Christ is, what He has done for us on the cross, what His resurrection means for us, and our new identity and way of living in Him—a life of freedom and joy!
This study will answer many key questions, such as: What is God’s grace? Does God really love me? What does it mean to live by the Spirit? Why do I still sin? How do I recognize legalism in my life?

Graceful Living Today-150 Daily Devotionals-MelanieNewton.comGraceful Living Today…a daily devotional

Graceful Living Today is a daily devotional that contains all the information from the Graceful Living Bible Study in daily bite-size chunks.

Spend the next 150 days discovering who Christ is, what He has done for you on the cross, what His resurrection really means for you, and how those truths give you a new identity and way of living in Him.

Are you ready to discover how you can experience a life of freedom and joy?!

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What You Will Discover in “Graceful Living:”

The lessons with "Notes" have associated audio messages. See the "Graceful Living" playlist on this page.

Lesson 1: Christ, the Grace-Gift — Christianity is Christ!

1Graceful Living-Jesus Christ Is God notes

Lesson 2: Grace-Covered Sin — The Cross: God’s Solution to Our Sin Issue

2Graceful Living-Grace Covered Sin notes

Lesson 3: Grace Triumphant, Part 1 — Results of Christ’s Finished Work on the Cross

3Graceful Living-Spiritual Blessings1 notes

Lesson 4: Grace Triumphant, Part 2 — Results of Christ’s Finished Work on the Cross

4Graceful Living-Spiritual Blessings2 notes

Lesson 5: Grace-Given Life to You — The Resurrection: God’s Solution to the Life & Death Issue

5Graceful Living-Resurrection & Regeneration notes

Lesson 6: Grace-Created Identity — The Believer’s Identity in Christ

6Graceful Living-Grace Created Identity notes

Lesson 7: Grace-Based Freedom — Law & Grace: The Issue of God’s Acceptance

7Graceful Living-Balance Liberty With Love notes

Lesson 8: Grace-Centered Living — Living by the Spirit

8Graceful Living-Grace Centered Living notes

Lesson 9: Grace-Motivated Obedience — The Conflict between the Spirit & the Flesh

9Graceful Living-Grace Motivated Obedience notes

Lesson 10: Grace Calls for You to Follow — Growing as Jesus’ Disciple

10Graceful Living-Grace Transforms notes

Lesson 11: Become a Grace-Giver — Jesus Living His Life through You

11Graceful Living-Become Grace Giver notes

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