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Hi, I'm Melanie Newton. Jesus Christ has given me a passion to help women learn how to study the Bible for themselves through my Joyful Walk Bible Studies and Graceful Beginnings books for anyone new to the Bible. The Lord has also given me a heart's desire to train women who want to grow their Bible-teaching skills to help others walk joyfully with Jesus! I think it’s always the right time for a Dr. Pepper, that my family is the greatest, and being outside for even a few minutes is a daily necessity.

Because of God's grace, I have LOTS of Bible Studies and ministry resources on this website for you to use in your life and ministry. Enjoy!

Your favorite study is now in Spanish!

Hands down, the Everyday Woman, Ever-Faithful God Bible Study has been the most consistently downloaded and purchased for 5 years now. This Bible Study of Old Testament women on their walk from fear to faith is now in Spanish. You can download and print on your own or purchase a book for only $8. Share this resource with all your Spanish-speaking friends. For every purchase, I will make a donation to the missionary in Bolivia who translated this study for us.

Joyful Walk Bible Studies for Women of All Ages

Always relevant • Never fluff

Free Bible Studies for women of all ages—FREE to download and print for those not using it for commercial purposes (see our Copyright Policy). Download several to examine and decide which one you want to do yourself or with your group. 

Instead of printing yourself, buy the books — for about the same cost of printing it yourself — $8 - $10.

Each study guide follows the inductive method of Bible study (observation, interpretation, application) in a warm and inviting format. So, grab a cup of coffee, your Bible, and some friends as you explore God’s Word together with your Joyful Walk Bible Study.

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Are you ready to lead a Bible Study for a group? Click the button below to access my online course for only $20. Watch the videos you need and use the worksheets to feel confident in leading.

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Is Jesus prompting you to lead a Bible Study but you don’t know how to start? Are you afraid that you don’t know enough of the Bible to lead a Bible Study for others? Does the thought of directing a discussion make you quiver? Everyone feels that way at first. Really! You are so in the right place. Check out these resources.

It is my joy to be able to provide free Bible studies for women and other downloadable resources on this website. If you’ve just start working through one of my studies, hooray! I hope you enjoy it and fall fresh in love with Jesus. Life cannot be any better than knowing Him! 

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Joyful Walk Bible Studies by Melanie Newton. Grace-based. Always relevant. Never fluff. Check it out at

$8.00 - $10.00 Each

Save time and ink. Buy these books today for the same or less than the cost of printing yourself. Have them ready when you need them.


"As the Curriculum Coordinator for [our women's Bible study], I can only tell you how difficult it is to find inductive studies that empower women to explore God's Word on a daily basis for themselves.  Your style of study is exactly what we are looking for! This past year we completed your study, ‘The Walk From Fear to Faith,’ and the 120 ladies who participate were so very blessed by the study. Thank you so very much." (Jennifer in MA)

I want to thank God for leading me to your websight. I am looking so forward to your Bible Studies. We have the same beliefs. And our God is truly Awesome. (Teresa)

 I am so excited about your materials! I am very selective in what curriculum we use for our ladies' Bible studies and have grown to dread the search for the next season. I generally find "fluff" that is based on feelings rather than sound, biblical teaching with good application questions. Finding your website was a direct, immediate answer to prayer. Thank you! I am encouraged!!!! May God continue to bless your ministry as you seek to further the spread of the Gospel and make disciples. (Bonnie from California)

Live Out His Love is an outstanding study and we are have a great time in learning and fellowship with it.  Thank you for all your knowledge, time, and energy in compiling this work.  It is AWESOME! (Mary from Kentucky)

Melanie, just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying Radical Acts.  I chose to study Acts this summer as I just finished John and will be studying Romans in the fall. Your questions are spot on and I really enjoy the scriptural insights and the Your life Adventure sections.  The lay out works great for me and find that it's just about the right amount of time, in other words I don't feel overwhelmed.  I am just beginning lesson 10. Thanks again for offering this for free on the Internet.  (Marsha)

Oh my! These studies are BRILLIANT! Choose which one most applies to your current situation or and area that you want to learn more about, print, pop into a binder and start digging into the Word! I have just finished 'To Be Found Faithful' a study of 2nd Timothy. How good it is to be immersed again in the Word - for myself, not just when the girls and I do our Bible time in the morning, but for me! My next one - which I am printing out right now - is Everyday Women, Ever Faithful God. These wonderful studies give the historical background and insight into what what happening at the time, gets you digging deeper for the meaning by answering questions around the scripture and thinking on application. This type of study works so well for me. (Shirley)