“Lifestyle Disciplemaking” Retreat or Workshop

Encouraging Jesus Followers to Become Disciplemakers

Jesus Christ calls you to a new life, clothes you with Himself, commissions you with a purpose, and empowers you to fulfill that purpose—to follow Him as His disciple and to live for Him as a disciplemaker.

Plan a different kind of retreat or workshop for the women in your church this year. You’ve offered Bible studies and guest speakers to help your women grow in Christ. That’s discipleship. But, that’s not the end goal. Believers grow best when they take what they are learning and explain it to someone else—when they are transformed from disciples into disciple makers.

Discover how to fulfill this purpose through relational disciplemaking— patterned after Jesus’ strategy for discipling His own followers. Invest your life in making disciples who make disciples.

4-hour workshop or weekend retreat

What you will learn at a "Lifestyle Disciplemaking" Retreat or Workshop:

• The Disciplemaking LIFESTYLE

• Strategies for ENGAGING the unchurched women around you

• Ways to ESTABLISH new and inexperienced Christians in the basics of life as a believer

• Getting EQUIPPED to engage and establish other women

Do you want this for yourself or for your women's ministry?