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Jesus Christ calls you to a new life, clothes you with Himself, commissions you with a purpose, and empowers you to fulfill that purpose—to follow Him as His disciple and to live for Him as a disciplemaker.

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What is disciplemaking?

Disciplemaking is the full process of seeing people come to faith in Christ and grow in Him while at the same time equipping them to go back and help others repeat the process.


Stay focused on disciple making - disciple making resources at

 Disciplemaking is — an intentional, relational process flowing from a love for God and love from God for people. 

Disciplemaking is — done within your homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and churches.

Disciplemaking is — an intentional, relational lifestyle of building relationships with those around you who need to know Jesus or need to know Him better.

Disciplemaking is — establishing new Christians in the basics of the faith, then helping them to go out and do the same with their peers.

Disciplemaking is — by faith…in your personal life and church life…at any age or stage of life…along any stage of your Christian growth…trusting in God's Spirit to make it happen.

Prepare to Share Workshop

PREPARE and PRACTICE a 3-word based faith story, conversation transitions into sharing some of your faith story, and a simple gospel presentation. Be ready when God gives you the opportunity.

Host a "Prepare to Share Workshop" (2 hours) for your church or small group.

The 5 Cs of Small Group Leadership Handbook. Prepare yourself to be the best small group leader you can be. Great for disciplemaking. Check it out at

Become a Disciplemaking-Focused Small Group Leader

Use this simple handbook to prepare yourself to be effective at disciple making within small group ministry. Be the best small group leader you can be!

Transition Your Church Ministry to Focus on Disciplemaking

Disciple making for women's ministry. Evaluate existing ministries. Enhance effective activities. Dissolve less effective activities. Transform the leadership team for disciplemaking. Contact Melanie Newton to lead a 2-4 hour workshop.

Evaluate your existing women’s ministry activities. Brainstorm ways to make them more effective for all aspects of disciple making. Contact me to lead a 2-4 hour workshop for your ministry team.

Host a “Lifestyle Disciplemaking Training” for Women

LDM Training Class

Strategies for ENGAGING the unchurched women around you

Ways to ESTABLISH new and inexperienced Christians in the basics of life as a believer

Resources to EQUIP Christian women to ENGAGE and ESTABLISH others

Women discipling women as a lifestyle not a program

4-hour workshop or weekend retreat

Be a Designated Engager for Women's Events

Do you love Jesus and want others to experience the love of Jesus, too? Become a "DESIGNATED ENGAGER" for the women's events at your church — retreats, brunches, small groups, classes, Bible studies, and more. Recruit others to join you. Help a newcomer feel wanted and included!

The Disciplemaking Ministry Guide for Leaders


Whet your appetite for a women’s ministry with a disciplemaking focus. This great resource is for ministry leaders to use in transitioning women from traditional discipleship-oriented activities to a disciplemaking lifestyle.

Order this guide from Next Step Resources.

Lifestyle Disciplemaking Resources

Resources to disciple new Christians and those who are new to understanding their faith. Many are free to download; others are available to order online.

A Fresh Start by Melanie Newton. Bible study for new Christians. Check it out on

For new Christians wondering where to start studying the Bible. Begin here with this 8-lesson study. Get to know God and HIs way of approaching life. Can easily be used for one person to disciple another.

New Testament Women. Experience the love and compassion of Jesus for women. Live Out His Love.

This study of New Testament Women will prepare you to share your faith with others.


Graceful Living. Learn the essentials of living a Christian life full of freedom and joy.

Graceful Living

Essentials for living out the Christian Life

Great for those who have some church background but don't understand what they have in Christ. 

God Tools App to help share your faith. Download this handy app from Cru that includes the simple gospel you can read together with someone. How easy is that!


Prepare Your Faith Story

Use these worksheets to prepare your faith story. Then, pray for God to give you the opportunity to share it! 

EvanTell. ACT Personal Evangelism Training. Disciple making resource at

Get online evangelism training at that prepares you to share your faith when God gives you the opportunity.


Covers 7 topics in lively format.

Online version at (see the sidebar).

Also available in French, Hindi, and Mandarin at

New Believers Guide

“New Believers Guide”

Short video explanations of 6 concepts followed by text that restates the teaching. Access through desktop or mobile device. Very basic.



Access online from

Womens121Designed for one person to disciple another. Also available in Spanish and other languages. 

9 lessons

Order from Multiplication Ministries.

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