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May 18, 2017 Melanie Newton

Survey results for leading a Bible studyMy passion is to help women learn to study the Bible for themselves and to grow their Bible-teaching skills to help others.

My newest project is a video training course that will teach women how to confidently lead a Bible study for a small group. I want to make the course as relevant as I can to women who need encouragement to lead a Bible study for their group (or even think about doing it!).

So, I created a survey and sent it to all those on my email list. It had just 3 questions.

1. What is your experience at studying the Bible?

2. If you are hesitant about leading a Bible study for a group, why is that?

3. If you are leading (or have led) a BIble study for a group, what do you consider your biggest challenges?

A bunch of people responded and gave me some great feedback. Woo hoo! I love these two comments from women who have taken the leap to be a discussion leader for a Bible study group:

"I am excited about the lives that I have had experienced watching them grow, becoming more involved in the Word and then applying it to their lives."

"I find that leading a Bible study presses me to make sure I get the Bible study done and do some extra studying. This brings it to the forefront for me to make sure I finish the lessons."

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For those who said they were hesitant about leading a Bible study, they are not alone. Many women feel the same way. Here were some of their reasons for being hesitant.

  • Feeling unable to turn rabbit trails around tactfully.
  • Insecure about knowing enough of the Bible (33% of the responders).
  • Concern about not being able to answer group members' questions or comments.
  • Thinking that it takes too much time to prepare a lesson to lead. (31% of responders)

The biggest challenges for those who are leading (or have led) a Bible study group dealt with mainly too areas: managing the content in the time allowed and managing the people in the group.

  • Getting through the questions in the time allowed without rushing.
  • Managing the talkative ones while giving opportunity for the quieter ones to share.

"I am learning a lot on my own!! Then someday would love teach a class!!??????"

"I have learned that everyone feels inadequate. When the time is right, jump in! God blesses our obedience."

Those are the ones I want to help with my video course. And everyone else in whose heart the Lord has placed a desire to share what they are learning with others.

Stay tuned for the launch date sometime in June. I am working hard to get it ready. 

Didn't get a chance to take the survey? Here's the link.


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