Radical Acts. Do you long for adventure? Do you want your life to have impact on your world? This BIble study will take you there. 14 lessons that will spark in you an appreciation and expectation of the Holy Spirit's work in your own life! Check it out at melanienewton.

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The Fire of the Spirit Erupting through Believers

Get Fired Up and Ready for Adventure!

Do you appreciate, anticipate, and long for the Holy Spirit’s work in your life? See the fire of the Spirit erupting through the lives of believers in this 14-lesson grace-based study of the book of Acts. As fiery lava and ash erupt from a volcano and flow out to build new land, the Holy Spirit’s fire erupts through the lives of believers to build Christ’s Church.

Volcanoes form over “hot spots” in the earth’s crust where a crack allows molten lava to flow to the surface. The Holy Spirit’s work in our lives becomes our own “hot spots.” So, at the end of each lesson, you will be asked to review the lesson for evidences of the guidance and empowering of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.

With this information, what will you ask God to do in your life to get you fired up and ready for adventure with Him?


What you will cover in “RADICAL ACTS”:

Introduction: Radical Acts

0.Acts-Intro Notes

1: A Fiery Beginning

1.Acts2-Fiery Beginning Notes

 2: Spirit-Driven Prayer

2.Acts3-Jesus Kingdom Notes

3: Pride and Prejudice

3.Acts7-Death of Believer Notes

4: Time to Go!

4.Acts8-Sharing Jesus Notes

5: Radical Transforming Power

5.Acts9-Radical Transformation Notes

6: The God of the Unexpected

6.Acts10-Lightbearers to Gentiles Notes

7: Appointed to His Service

7.Acts13-Women Deception Trails Notes  

8: Spirit-Led through Conflict

8.Acts15-Balance Liberty Love Notes

9: Spiritual Discernment

9.Acts16-2 Teens and Lady Notes

10: Fueling the Fire in Europe

10.Acts17Pt1-Christian Character Notes

10.Acts17Pt2-Christian Worldview Notes

 11: Living Life in the Extremes

11.Acts18-Women Mentors Notes

12: Getting Fired Up

12.Acts20-Loyalty Factor Notes

13: Carried by Fire

13.Acts 21-When Life Hits Notes

14: Adventure in God’s Protective Hand

14.Acts28-Faithful Endurance Notes

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