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Melanie Newton
Melanie Newton

For many years, I have been on a joyful walk with Jesus Christ, my Lord. He has given me opportunity to learn from Him as a women’s Bible study author, teacher, speaker, and disciplemaking trainer.

Some of the fruit of my work is available on this website for you to use in your ministries:

Bible studies for women

Audio messages coordinating with Bible passages

Disciplemaking training and resources

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Follow Jesus Christ and pursue an active lifestyle of disciplemaking within your home, neighborhood, workplace, and church. Become a disciplemaker.

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Grace-based. Thoughtful and insightful questions. Not too much, not too little. Free to download and make all the copies you need (see Copyright policy).

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Let my Texas-style down-to-earth wisdom, candor and joyful spirit energize your women's group and inspire each woman to live out her faith in fresh ways!

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No Jerks on the Job

Great resource for those workplace people challenges!


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